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This program is presented by
Consolidated Technology Services (CTS)

An Agency describes how a call should be treated by answering some question such as:

1. Do you observe State Holidays?
2. What are the office hours?
3. Any special needs?
4. Any special announcements?
5. Where do we send callers when busy?

This is what the ICON for CMS looks like.
R15 OR R16

Things that a telephone coordinator needs to know when requesting a new user:

Create a ticket with the Consolidated Technology Services (CTS) Servicedesk (1-888-241-7597) with the following information.

New user’ s full name
The 10 digit telephone number
Agency requesting the service
Location of the requesting agency
What skills, vdns, or vectors the user need access to.

The new user login ID will be created by CTS as well as a temporary password. CTS also sends a notification once access has been granted.

There are many different real-time stats associated with the agent
Available -Agent is available to take a call

ACDIN-Agent is on a queue call

AUX-Break or unavailable

AUXIN-Agent is on an inbound call to their private extension (not a queue call) while in the Aux state

AUXOUT-Agent is on an outbound call that they dialed from their phone.

Other-this state is anything other than the above, when the picks up the receiver with out dialing right away you would see other for a brief time. If they do not hang up the line correctly you could see other.

Note: While in a standard report you may press F1 to access the definitions of the columns on that report along with other helpful information.

If you find yourself in need of your skills and agent ID’ s
When your call center was built you should have been provided a list of all your skills and the agents that are assigned to those skills.
Keep these numbers handy. You are billed monthly for them, if you remove any agents you may want to put in the request to remove it from billing.

If you find yourself in need of the skill and agent ID numbers.

Contact CTS service @ 360-753-2454
Your account manager will be happy to provide those to you.

Home Page Select Agent Administration
To change agent skills
Know Your Agent Login Number (4 0r 5 Digits)
Designer and Thresholds

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