Quick Publishing Solutions from ECM Scanner

Enterprise content management involves not only data streams handling but also other digital media management such as photographs and digital still media.  Through the use of an ECM compliant scanner, the management and distribution of digital media would be easier.  The capabilities to create, edit, transform, translate, and distribute electronic files and media is equally important for companies.  This can surely add flavor to the content management and distribution service of the enterprise.

ECM scanner is very important for the publishing industry.  With the advent and increasing popularity of online publishing, rendering scanned media and easily distributing it through the ECM channels are very critical process.  

Some ECM scanning solutions combine the power of high end hardware for digital rendering and the efficiency and productiveness of content management applications.  For example, a small publishing business could easily distribute their online PDF publication by using scanned images of their actual paper.  In the past, scanned images can only be stored on local machines.  Today, an ECM capable scanner can perform traditional scanning and at the same time stay connected on the Internet for high speed distribution of scanned media.

Although ECM scanner solutions are used by advanced publications companies, this solution is equally important for any enterprise.  Product designs for example can be quickly shared across the company for critique and further development using an ECM scanner.  The images can be scanned and distributed on the local network. Thus the lifecycle of information is enhanced due to the speed of the distribution process.

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