A business does not just operate to get profit. A business operates first and foremost for purposes of customer acquisition. After all, without a profitable margin of constant customers to purchase services and products, any kind of business would cease to exist.

Customer acquisition can sometimes prove to be quite a difficult task. Customers are getting smarter nowadays and its not that easy to get them into buying products. They always look for total value before anything else. Sometimes, even products with really good quality get dismissed because cost usually takes the upper hand.

Heres a practical process for effective customer acquisition.

To ensure customer acquisition, a business must first identify who the decision makers are. There would be no use to market to people who cannot make the decision to purchase. They can only provide support and influence in making the purchase but the final decision is not up to them. Thus, the target must be those who have the final say.

After identifying the decision maker, the sales person must next empower him or herself with the profile of the potential customer. This is helpful so that the potential would have the impression that the salesperson is really sincere in his or her intentions. Customer profiling also helps salespeople to identify which gets that customer best.

As the salesperson meets up with the customer, too many promises should be veered away from. Customers would expect a lot from a first time buy and if a business cannot deliver as promise, there would definitely be no next time transaction.

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