Change Management process is actually a procedure of planning, assessing and
implementing the changes to a system. There are main goals in Change Management
process: Maintaining and supporting the processing of changes and allowing the
traceability of changes. It is a very important process, for it can give you huge benefits by
actually developing your system; and as a result, satisfying the needs of your customers.

Change management process can help you in handling all the change requests in your
project. By going through this process, you can very well monitor and manage the
quantity of change. The key steps for handling change in project are included in the
Change Management process.

Through this Change Management process you can identify and recognize the
requirements of change in your project. You can organize the process of passing change
requests. Change Management process can also establish feasibility of the requested
changes. It is also through this process that change is officially granted before they even
happen. Giving a schedule to happen and reviewing the impact o the changes are also

It is important to go thorough Change Management Process for it will give you a
template in managing change in your projects. This fully explains every step of change
procedures. This also identifies the responsibilities of people included in change
management. Not only that, it illuminates the approval process and change reviews in a

Change Management is the center function of Project Management. This is very
important in attaining success of the project. Change will always affect your capability to
deliver the projects and will increase your expenses and operation timeframes. For you to
effectively control the project, you can use Change Management Process to successfully
execute your plans. This will give you a tool to help you deal with change easily.

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