Reasons Why You Need ITIL Capacity Management

ITIL® Capacity Management is actually just one of the a five elements of ITIL® Service Delivery area. It is responsible for guaranteeing the business requirements and service definition are accomplished by utilizing a least amount of computing resources.

There are activities that consist in Capacity Management.

1. This process includes observing, modifying, evaluating and implementing necessary changes in resource consumption. 2. It is imperative to manage the requests for computing resources, that requires knowledge and understanding the priorities of your business. 3. To encourage infrastructure performance and know upcoming resource requirements, modeling is an important process in capacity management. 4. This process includes collecting capacity management data. 5. To guarantee that the service levels are accomplished, sizing applications are included in capacity management. 6. Procedures such as creating a capacity plan that records present consumption, support cost for latest application and anticipated requirements are to be done in capacity management. 7. Brainstorming new ideas with other teams in creating an infrastructure development plan is one of the essential activities in ITIL® capacity management. Reasons why you should apply capacity management in your business: * In implementing capacity management, you can get a lot of existing IT resources and this could improve the cost for IT service unit position. * By going through this process can also get rid of redundant work and guarantee reliable reporting. * This can give timely capacity and other connected cost information to have a more organized and informed business decision. * The process can offer a wide range of inputs to TCO. this could also provide major IT related programs and upgrades.


Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL®) Capacity Management works closely with ITIL® Financial Management and Service Level Management. By having processes like ITIL® Capacity Management a systematic service level is linked to financial information and allowing the leaders in your business to have accurate, organized and informed decisions.



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