Every website that provides technical assistance at one point thinks about how they can make their clients/customers become self-sufficient in terms of knowledge and skills.  This is one of the major agenda that technical support services have been thinking about – how they can eliminate the use of live technical support and make their clients self-reliant.  

One of the clear reasons why chat and e-mail technical support services is being perceived to be eliminated is due to the operating cost that this service is causing the support provider.  The cost that allowed for this support service to happen is no joke. In fact, with just the operational cost of this, it can reach up to a million dollars at a conservative.  

One of the foreseen and immediate means to combat this high cost in maintaining and facilitating the technical support services is by making its clients self-sufficient in knowledge via its online knowledge based support.  The self service online is proven to make the clients self reliant in looking for the best resolutions for their concerns and issues.  These self-service online comprises of knowledge base information, self-help tools to facilitate diagnosing the issue, and toolkits to help facilitate the troubleshooting steps.  

With this self-service online help that many websites have developed, there is now an effective means and methods to drastically reduce the operating costs in sustaining a chat and e-mail technical support service provided to clients.  This is another breakthrough that majority of technical assistance providers are going to deliberately love about and enjoy.

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