As far as total IT jobs in CCNA-related positions in the United Kingdom are concerned, for the period ending
November 2007, 93.73% of those were located in England. 35.18% were in London itself.

In the last six months in 2007 ending November, skills as measured by Cisco Certification were in demand
among 100% of the permanent Information Technology jobs distributed in the UK. WAN skills were popular
among 32.62% of those permanent IT jobs in the UK, while LAN was in demand among 30.31% of the
positions surveyed. Firewall followed soon with 29.76% of the permanent IT jobs in the UK needing skills in

As far as contract jobs in Information Technology in the UK are concerned, 96.11% of these were contract IT
CCNA-related jobs in England. London employers were offering 39.54% of the contract IT jobs related to

In the last six months in 2007 ending November, 100% of the employers polled needed Cisco Certification to
fill the CCNA-related positions they were offering. Firewall skills were required for 30.07% of the UK
CCNA-related positions. WAN skills were needed in 29.20% of the CCNA-related positions, while LAN
skills were prerequisites for 28.29% of the CCNA-related positions indicated.

However, though demand is going up for Cisco Certification in general, and CCNA in particular, the salaries
seem to be dropping as well. Entry-level CCNAs used to receive $70,000 in average income in year 2000, but
by 2002 that had decreased to $67,000.

One hiring manager says that certification alone will not guarantee your getting employed as employers are
looking for a measure of experience from applicants as well. Employers seem to translate experience into
competency. Contracting seems to be preferable over direct employment, and your social networking skills play
a big factor in that.

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