Accountable for ensuring that the Service Transition process is fully executed by the provider and provides feedback into the existing Change, Release and Deployment management processes.

More Uses of the Release and deployment management Toolkit:

  • Be accountable for installing and/or upgrading new software tools when needed and help administer common engineering resources.
  • Systematize: plan and manage support for service asset and configuration management (sacm) tools and processes.
  • Ensure that configuration data is available when and where it is needed to support other service management processes.
  • Provide continuous support on builds and making the builds and releases as fully automated as possible.
  • Identify, define and implements architectural solutions consistent with current technology standards.
  • Collaborate with the DevSecOps network and platform and Cybersecurity teams to prepare and manage the full spectrum of hardware and software release.
  • Coordinate interfaces between release and deployment management and other processes, especially change management, SACM, and service validation and testing.
  • Configure software builds and automated deployments to non production and production environments.
  • Confirm your organization ensures solutions are designed and implemented to provide a scalable architecture for a distributed and secure enterprise system.
  • Ensure your organization contributes to the development of new or the refinement of existing critical Service Operations and/or Service Transition processes.
  • Be accountable for documenting deployment procedures and processes as appropriate for multiple technologies and platforms.
  • Troubleshoot application configuration issues in lower test and production environments; help ensure packages have been installed properly.
  • Organize: processes will enforce accurate configuration accounting and authorized changes from categorization, approval and implementation are executed for the network.
  • Confirm your organization ensures that systems integration environments are maintained according to established standards.
  • Be accountable for creating and maintaining of Release and Deployment Plans and reporting on pre testing of deployments.


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