Server administrators can validate their proficiency in managing and troubleshooting server environments by having an MCITP Server Administrator credential.   With an MCITP credential on their belts, server administrators could enhance their performance thus advancing their careers in the process.  

The MCITP Server Administrator module is specifically geared towards the design, configuration, management, and troubleshooting of Windows Server 2008.  Server administrators who are working on this environment are the ideal candidates for Microsoft’s certification program.  

Before taking the certification exams, server administrators however should have sufficient experience in managing daily server functions and procedures.  They should also have experience in providing critical macro support for technical and systems problems.  

Experiences in these areas could certainly help them easily pass the three-stage examination process for MCITP Server Administrator module.  They can also refine their knowledge in server administration by taking advanced courses and trainings on Windows Server 2008.  The Microsoft web portal provides numerous resources on where to get the latest training modules for the MCITP exams.  

There are also independent training services centers that offer course on server management and administration.  These training centers specifically provide preparation kits for the actual MCITP Server Administrator examinations.  In this way, server administrators can review specific technical knowledge on server management, design, and troubleshooting.  

The trainings will involve studies on two prerequisite exam modules.  These cover topics on server directory configurations and network infrastructure.  These areas of specialization will be the focal point of the two prerequisite MCITP modules.  The final study area is the professional training module on Windows Server 2008.  This covers comprehensive areas of server administration using the Windows environment.  

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