CompTIA is considered to be the biggest certification organization in the world with over 22,000 members in different countries around the globe.  By hiring an individual with a CompTIA certificate, companies are assured that their IT investments are well protected and cared for by a qualified IT professional.  Many CompTIA certificate holders come from an organization that also develops IT solutions in various sectors of the industry. The Community IT Academy or the CITA has continued to produce technicians in both the service and recycler department and most have earned the CompTIA certification. Although many revisions have been made in the CompTIA exams since it started in 1993, CITA has continued to produce CompTIA passers in their organization.

CITA CompTIA certificate holders work hand in hand in creating a better community in the information technology. CITA officially started and launched in year 2003. Since then, CITA has made many revisions in its offerings and has developed into a diverse organization whose aim is to accomplish the needs of SME and other charitable sectors.

Almost similar to the CompTIA mission, CITA established its mission by helping the unemployed in learning how to be IT technicians. Soon after this, they have seen great success in their field and have trained many people. This program became so effective, that 90% of its trainees have competently earned the IT recognition in CompTIA A+ certification. With this, the voluntary sectors it initially gave a huge support for CITA in terms of providing them a lower cost of personal computers.

The revision of its programs has benefited both the IT Industry and individuals who wants to pursue a new career in computer systems.

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