Analyze existing business processes to identify impediments to flow, failure modes creating Rework and built in loops and complexity that hinder efficient and effective processing and drive up costs and lead time.

More Uses of the Rework Toolkit:

  • Set strategic and stretch goals for the team to provide continuous improvement and move to a model of right first time with minimal Rework.
  • Develop and implement root cause analysis and corrective action of non conformance to mitigate Rework, reduce cost and improve quality.
  • Manage photoshop, illustrator, and fiRework to create images optimized for the web.
  • Orchestrate: design, validate, and document Rework procedures for non conforming material.
  • Secure that your organization identifies and implements system solutions that support improved workflows, reduces manual intervention, eliminates Rework and increases efficiencies related to Revenue Cycle.
  • Rework and/or repair assembled equipment and products according to engineering specification changes.
  • Facilitate material inspection, substitution, standardization, Rework, salvage, utilization, and economical procurement of parts and equipment.
  • Confirm your organization performs inspection supplier Rework parts to ensure Rework was performed correctly and that the part conforms to specifications.
  • Drive: product development and sustaining engineering support on circuit modification, Rework, programming interface installation and microcontroller programming.
  • Diagnose common test failures and recommends or performs Rework to correct discrepancies.
  • Make sure that your organization receives material, parts, components, and assemblies undergoing test, repair, Rework, or manufacture in a maintenance production complex.
  • Perform repair/Rework of assemblies and/or systems as indicated from inspection or diagnostic testing.
  • Establish corrective actions to mitigate Rework reduce cost and improve quality.
  • Perform standard mechanical assembly procedures, perform Rework, and repair of components and systems to drawing specifications on or off the unit and on manufactured equipment and products.
  • Be accountable for utilizing photoshop, illustrator, and fiRework to create and/or optimize images for the web.
  • Cost reduction by productivity increase as a result of lay out improvement implementation and Rework extinction.
  • Establish appropriate inspection/Rework areas and corrective actions when needed.
  • Write and develop Rework/repair instructions and procedures with support from Design Engineering.
  • Supervise: design clean and efficient implementations that require little/no Rework and pre go live demos receive glowing review.
  • Perform Rework and repair on units returned from test and quality control.
  • Ensure physical and logical data models are designed with an extensible philosophy to support future, unknown use cases with minimal Rework.
  • Be accountable for evaluating, Reworking, and implementing a new business resilience policy by analyzing business risks and drive mitigation efforts.
  • Use peer review process and end user consultation to reduce errors and Rework.


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