Lesson 25: Task Management
Seeing how tasks to accomplish activities are defined and viewed
After completing this unit, you should be able to:
Describe Activity Groups and Activity Codes
Define Tasks Types
Manage Task Exceptions
Access is restricted to NWCG System Admin and in some cases Cache System Admin users.
What is an Activity Group?
A system defined categorization of all the activities that support a process in a Node
Highest level in the Task Management Hierarchy
Governs Putaway and Retrieval Preferences
What is an Activity Code?
Represents a unique physical activity performed to support a process in a warehouse
The Task Management Framework
Provides the infrastructure to perform specific physical activities in a warehouse
Task Management configuration enables you to set up your warehouse to:
Optimize node throughput
Maximize worker efficiency

What is a Task?
A discrete unit of work performed in a warehouse
A single Task Request may result in the creation of multiple tasks
Move 10 each of NFES 000010 from Loc A to Loc B
Can be dependent on one another
Can be batched together for efficient execution
What is a Task Request?
Communicates the details of a task that needs to be performed
Can be initiated:
By business process modeling as part of a transaction in a pipeline
Putaway Tasks are generated on closing a Receipt
By authorized users including users external to the node
User generates a Move Request to move items to the Quality Check location for Inspection
What is a Summary Task?
-Grouping of related tasks that support completion of an activity

-Has attributes such as a non-summary task

-May be made up of other summary tasks and/or non-summary tasks
What is a Task Type?
A configured code that represents a unique physical activity in a node
Controls the creation and execution process of an activity
Task Type examples:
RF Putaway to Storage
Paper Batched Putaway to Storage
Order Pick

Task Execution Exception
Occurs when a task cannot be executed as presented to the user
Can trigger:
Configured system defined processes to occur
Implementation specific service flow to occur
Example Exceptions:
Material cannot be picked from suggested location
Material cannot be deposited in suggested location
Task is being skipped by User
Examples of System defined process:
Alternate Location Selection
Freeze Location
Hold Task
Defining a Task Execution Exception
View Task Detail
Task Console
Viewing Task Details
Lesson 14 Summary
In this lesson, you should have learned:
The Task Management Framework is an infrastructure that enables placement and monitoring of requests to perform specific physical activities in a Node
A Task Type is a configured code that represents a unique physical process in a Node
A Task Execution Exception occurs when a task cannot be executed as presented to the user


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