Arrange that your organization supports sales and implementation teams by providing data, conducting market trends, collaborating on negotiation strategies, and maintaining the health of the network to fulfill prospective client Rfps and on boarding efforts.

More Uses of the Rfps Toolkit:

  • Methodize: interface with vendors by initiating Rfps, and recommended solutions based on comparisons, data, and ease of integration.
  • Develop Rfps and vendor selection processes to select.
  • Support sales department and business development with Rfps and other custom contracts.
  • Develop: work closely with contract groups to develop Rfps, pricing strategy and lease agreements.
  • Manage work with relationship management and other team members to respond to and correlate Rfps.
  • Evaluate: creation of subcontractor Rfps for spare parts and repair parts in response to requisitions.
  • Establish: review Rfps to ensure information security requirements are fully and correctly stated.
  • Be accountable for contributing the development of responses to Rfps.
  • Initiate: creation and analysis of high level Rfps for various services.
  • Lead: implementation of processes to control and, where possible, improve production and win/success rates of Rfps completed by the team.
  • Manage vendor and asset management along with managing IT budget, vendor Rfps and much more.
  • Obtain cost estimates and Rfps on behalf of your organization for planning, construction, renovation, and office repair projects.
  • Prepare Rfps, contracts, scope of work reports and other documentation for projects and associated efforts.
  • Make sure that your team supports sales and account management teams in developing prospects and responding to Rfps and actively participates in finalist meetings.
  • Support sales team in responding to Rfps.
  • Contribute in building product prototyping and business conceptual solutions to Rfps and supervise Pre Sales and Post Sales Due Diligence.
  • Lead Rfps, collective bargaining meetings, and insurance vendor meetings.
  • Contribute to new vendor selection via Rfps, introductory calls, business use case development and other activities related to new technology opportunities.
  • Create, review, and release civil/structural/architectural design Rfps.
  • Ensure you control; lead Rfps/negotiations and execute contract agreements.
  • Manage, deliver and present detailed responses to industry Rfps.
  • Develop and maintain structure around pricing analytics for new and existing products, price increases / reduction, and Rfps.
  • Evaluate: secure Rfps and review RFP detail provided by prospective clients to ensure adequate and effective preparation of project.


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