Risk Management On Police Workstations

Police work is hazardous. As we all know, police officers are always on the run, chasing
law offenders on the road. And with this, there are injuries that can occur in between
missions and assignments. Some are tough to avoid, but they can be prevented.

Police injuries

Police injuries are sometimes due to hunting bad guys, tracking suspected criminals.
They can hurt their neck by simply driving a fast car. There are cases wherein they get
hurt through dog bites on their hand.  Almost 44 percent of expenses are due to medical
assistance caused by these problems.  Slip, strain and struck injuries due to chasing
criminals often transpire. Others get hurt through chemical and blood exposures.

 There are repeated injuries that take place every single day. But of course there are ways
to prevent these things from happening. Through this you can minimize costs and officer

Samples of police risk management

You can start putting it off by identifying the problem areas. One difficulty in most police
workstations is having a limited space. Having provided with this, employees can strain
their back and neck. So one risk management that you can do is try not to maintain one

Another problem is that police officers’ injury is “belt” related. They get a hard time
moving with their belt loaded with tools and weapons. You can minimize this by getting
a lighter quality of nylon belt. By encouraging officers to cut off unnecessary tools on
belt, this can minimize the weight that can eventually cause stains. Talking about weight,
which is the number one cause of back pains, lifting equipment does the same effect too.
They can reduce lifting heavy packages to prevent any potential injury. By redesigning
the workplace and rearrange storage boxes to areas that don’t require too much lifting,
will reduce back risks and complains.

So, it is very essential to identify and give proper solution on these problems because in
the long run, this will cost your department a great amount of money for medical

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