Getting into sports is the common interest of most students, especially in the secondary level. This is the time when they discover their true potential, changing lanes from one sport to another to determine which one is suitable for them physically. Of course you will seldom see a 5-foot tall guy to play basketball, though there are also instances that they can deliver good results as well. There are also some who play not only one, not two but three sports and even excel on each of them. This just goes to show how physically fit and committed they are for the love of the game.

But then again, engaging oneself into sports has a corresponding risk that everyone should be aware of. It is but a common incident that players will get bruises, wounds or minor cuts while at play. However, there have been a lot of instances wherein athletes got serious injuries during practice or on the actual game itself. Such risk may lead to permanent impairment or injuries such as fractures, heat stroke, cardiac arrest, head injuries, cervical spine injuries and so on. The worst situation that one could have is getting into a severe accident that may lead to taking ones life.

To prevent these unfortunate situations from happening, a comprehensive athletic training for risk management plan are being conducted to make athletes and sports personnel aware of such possibilities. They are also given training on what to do if a fellow player got injured during a game. Though it is not very often that emergency personnel are present to give support, it is still a must to teach coaches and players on how to apply first aid should an emergency situation take place.

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