A Customer Satisfaction Survey is a valuable tool for those who intend to find out exactly what their customers are thinking about their product and/or service and why these customers are thinking that. It cuts down on the guesswork on your part and provides a basis for your business decisions that aim to increase customer retention levels. Basically, satisfied customers are customers who will buy from you in the future.

A Customer Satisfaction Survey can be conducted in a face-to-face interview, like when you encounter the staff at the entrance of a supermarket that will hand out questionnaires to you or ask you questions directly. Sometimes, you might possess certain information like email, phone numbers or mailing addresses of your customers so you can issue a written request to these customers if they can spare some time to answer some questions in your Customer Satisfaction Survey. It is best to keep these types of surveys very short to assure you get respondents to answer. Very long surveys will irritate your customers who will simply tear up these forms or throw them away  your customers are busy people who just have no time for long surveys.

Some entrepreneurs issue surveys when their customers have just finished buying the product and/or used the service that you are offering. In our supermarket example, the staff will try to get feedback from you as soon as you are done shopping (or maybe while you are still shopping) so that the name of the product and/or service is still fresh in your mind. It is unlikely the customer will have a strong recollection of the information that you need if you wait until a week after they visited your establishment to issue the survey. This is simply because your customers have better things to do with their time than to monitor what you are doing. So be timely with your questions and keep your questions short and to the point when conducting the survey.


Customer service representative are those who have been trained to handled customer concerns and questions.  It is expected for those customer service representatives to provide service to its customers, and give immediate action to their issues.  Companies should see it that their customers are happy.  A customer service representative function is to communicate with the customers and gather information as to their concerns.  This information will enable a customer service representative to provide answers or facilitate the processing of their request.  The customer service representatives are in charge of managing and finding solutions to the customers complaints.  Some of the forms where customer service representative reach out to its customers are as follows:

1. E-mail 2. Telephone 3. Mail correspondence 4. Fax 5. Personal service

Common transactions that are brought to the customer service representative are the availment of services, complaints, procedural inquiries, technical problems. order status or check of balances.  To provide answers to these transactions, a customer service representative solves them by looking up the information over the computer.

Customer service representative follows established guidelines as to the line of questions that would have to be asked from customers.  The guidelines should include validating complaints through questions.  They should also check from customers if it is a recurring incident.  Customer service representative other functions include assisting customers in their purchasing decisions.  They may advise consumers as to products suitable for them.

A customer service representative is required to have good communication skills as their work involves communicating and handling customers.  Computer knowledge is likewise required as most information will be drawn over the computer.  But to top it all, you should have good interpersonal skills as you are dealing with customers problems and concerns.

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