Podcasting is now becoming very popular among Internet users, and it seems that many are now showing their interests in creating podcast with audio content. Hence, podcasting tools are also becoming essential to be able to come up with audio content so that podcasts creation, promotion and eventually listening to the podcasts that have been created will be a lot easier and convenient.

The podcasting tools available are RSS feeds capable. This means podcasting tools can update you with information through RSS feeds anytime you want. This also means that you can monitor any important information like the latest news, classifieds or job listings, videos, and anything you would want to acquire.

In fact there are various pocasting tools that you can choose from, depending on your needs. Tools for listening podcasts can be obtained through podcast support accessible by RSS readers. More so, podcasts which are considered essential can be downloaded automatically or it can also be flagged. Some of the tools for listening podcasts are: the podcast receiver and FeedDemon. And to be more specific, podcast receivers empowers the users to get an update on the latest and excellent podcast feeds effortlessly because the podcast receiver can instantly manage podcast subscriptions. In this regard, even acquisition of schedules can be done automatically especially when there are new podcasts.

Lastly, the other listening tool for podcasting is the FeedDemon which is known as the desktop client since it can retrieve and manage RSS feeds directly from the internet. Also, it is already preconfigured and adding of your own podcast is made easy as well since it can be done by just adding the URL for an RSS feed. This is why it is also very convenient because apart from the creation of your own podcast you can do integrated web browsing as well.

What is the relationship of RSS and podcasting? This question can be answered by defining both terms. RSS is defined as an alternative view of a certain webpage that lets the user to subscribe and then read the content found in the RSS newsreader software. In this case, you can an update for your webpage since your newsreader provides a display for the new item.

Free RSS newsreader softwares are available if you just know where to find. More so, newsreaders programs can be downloaded and be installed on your computer when you only have web-based services with your browser. RSS feed providers reach out for their customers by providing them with free subscription. Also, there are various RSS feeds that cater to different needs of Internet users such as music reviews, recipes, movie reviews, and others.

Podcast on the other hand can be defined as a series of audio, video and other media files that are distributed on the Internet via syndicated download and web feeds. Then the file will be transported to portable media player, personal computers and other gadgets. The unique quality of podcasting is that, it can be syndicated which means any update will be automatically processed once you avail subscription of a certain podcast. For the record, podcasting is the process of syndicating of formats, and then the host or the author of the podcast being downloaded is in fact called a podcaster.

So the relationship of RSS and podcasting can be identified when podcasts syndication features require feed aggregator software which is in turn distributed with the use of RSS.

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