Sometimes a person needs to have multiple WordPress installations on a single site. It may be because the hosting provider does not allow more than one database. Or it can be that the person wants to keep things in an organized manner and not have a list of databases everywhere. In these circumstances, the best way is to make multiple WordPress installations with the same database. Only a few people know about this fact.

How is this done? To ensure that a person can run multiple copies of WordPress, he must modify the wp-config.php file. Although it may sound quite technical, it is very easy. If a person has done a manual installation of WordPress, then this is not complicated because he will know about wp-config.php file. This file allows a person to modify the table prefix, thereby allowing him to run multiple copies.
To achieve the result, a person must follow the normal installation procedure and in addition to this, he has to do the following simple steps.

First, he must open wp-config-php and look for a line that says table_prefix = ‘wp_’.  Once you have found this, replace wp_ with anything that a person wants such as ‘blog2_’ or ‘blog3_’. Then, he can save the file. Before doing this series of actions, the person must ensure than installer is not running. After saving the file, then he can run the installer again.

These simple steps will ensure that the person need not change into another web host just because it doesn’t allow him to have extra database to run.

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