Ensure solutions are implemented with an enterprise approach and a focus on customer centricity, with the appropriate measurement tracking in place enabling downstream analytics, to support Commercial Operations and Corporate Analytics.

More Uses of the Sales Enablement Toolkit:

  • Collaborate with smes and cross functional leaders to develop relevant content, tools and resources to aid skill development and on the job learning.
  • Develop communication strategies to build awareness of critical metrics and ensure enablement strategies are in place to support skills development.
  • Manage work with various departments creating complete cradle to grave security orchestration and automation enablement scenarios that replicate real world scenarios.
  • Serve as the liaison between Sales, Marketing and Product to ensure alignment between teams and a healthy flow of communication to address current needs and prepare for future needs.
  • Collaborate with marketing, product, and sales teams to help drive competitive take out strategies and influence product roadmap and messaging/positioning.
  • Confirm your organization provides direction to developers regarding requirements and testing results to ensure tools and solutions are fully functional and approved prior to release.
  • Manage work with sales leaders to support the day to day training management of the sales organization, enabling sales leaders to spend more time on customer facing activities.
  • Establish that your organization develops the consultative, solution selling capability in organization to develop compelling business cases to differentiate and highlight the value of your organizations broad portfolio.
  • Ensure you build out a repeatable process for partnership and feedback loops with Product Marketing and Revenue Marketing to evolve the way you sell, service, and support your customers.
  • Ensure you are data driven, organized and methodical, understanding the imperatives around the effective enablement of a sales/service organization with a particular focus on managing your internal content.
  • Make certain that your organization identifies impact of technical and process changes across multiple areas of the business and makes modifications to solutions in order to achieve optimal results.
  • Initiate: work in conjunction with sales, sales engineering, Sales Enablement, marketing and product leadership to develop and execute overarching team selling strategies.
  • Coordinate: share best practices with team members to enhance the quality and efficiency of support and contribute to the knowledge base working closely with the sales operations team.
  • Be accountable for performing clinical and industry trend analysis, market share and competitive analysis and win/loss tracking to identify product and commercial strategies for growth.
  • Control: natural collaborator with a preference for working with cross regional, cross functional teams to champion the vision and deliver results on tight timelines.
  • Collaborate with executive leadership, the board, and internal network to align new growth strategies and business models with organization strategy to achieve more targeted, measurable goals and greater market impact.
  • Maintain deep knowledge and skill level while demonstrating expertise for all designated topics, plus additional, complementary topics and/or best practices.
  • Be able to drive new concepts and ideas without having direct control, and to constructively challenge peers and executives on approach and thinking.
  • Ensure you build and lead the you Enterprise Enablement Team and manage the team to build successful strategies and initiatives and quarterly execution to accomplish goals.
  • Negotiate and present account programs/contracts, gaining internal alignment and approvals with cross functional partners finance, legal, operations, etc.
  • Collaborate with subject matter experts (smes) and business leaders to develop relevant content, tools and resources to aid skill development and on the job learning application.
  • Facilitate/deliver programs (Onboarding, Performance skill Development, and Manager Effectiveness) that leverage blended learning, practice/application and peer reinforcement to ensure learning is impactful and effective.
  • Ensure you lead Sales Enablement providing all sales teams, and other client facing teams, with the training, tools, and resources to increase sales effectiveness.
  • Establish a network of sponsors so that every enablement initiative has support and participation from the business in its planning, development, sign off, and release.
  • Employ market research, industry trends, voice of customer, market share, win/loss analysis and competitive intelligence and price realization to develop product strategy and influence roadmap development.


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