Engage in digital applications development, risk technology, Middleware, Mainframe applications, Non Mainframe applications, Analytic Model Development and Application support activities to meet specific business needs of user areas and to test systems to ensure integrity of deliverables.

More Uses of the Salesforce CRM Toolkit:

  • Achieve new business goals by identifying and developing strategic opportunities and selling technology centric solutions to mid market companies.
  • Develop continuous integration and continuous deployments pipeline to build, test, validate, and deploy the application on production using force.
  • Orchestrate: work closely with the sales team, product development, business unit leaders, sales, finance and marketing to strategize more effective sales and growth methods.
  • Formulate: partner with key stakeholders to develop the roadmap for areas of responsibility, identify and recommend new solutions to meet priority business needs.
  • Be accountable for compelling communication clearly and succinctly conveying information and ideas to individuals and groups; communicating in a focused and compelling way that captures and holds others attention.
  • Identify long and short range projects/plans to drive improvements in areas of assigned responsibility; partner with IT leadership to align on key strategies and priorities.
  • Ensure you build and maintain integrated project development schedules that account for internal / external dependencies, differing SDLC approaches, numerous constraints, and adequately factor in contingency for unplanned delays.
  • Be accountable for evaluating research and recommending technology solutions/processes to improve business decision making, with a focus on your organizations core systems, technology strategies and standards.
  • Control: independently coordinate complex procedures and execute work necessary to successful it project completion in a unit or department, requiring high levels of cross functional integration and involving multiple disciplines to be managed.
  • Liaise with internal teams to help track and resolve program and support issues with key strategic partners; relentless focus on optimization and driving ease of doing business.
  • Head: plan, execute and measure regional marketing programs and activities alongside the you field marketing manager, aimed at building and accelerating pipeline.
  • Be accountable for aiding in the annual planning activities for your organization; collaborate with senior members of the leadership team to set, drive and manage the Planning process.
  • Supervise: strategically prospect new group sales opportunities and collaborate with team members in developing new group sales programs and enhancing existing programs.
  • Collaborate with internal stakeholders to ensure the design and functionality of the platform is driving efficient productivity and value across your organization.
  • Methodize: with your thought leadership and culture of innovation, you apply industry expertise, diverse skill sets and next generation technology to each business challenge.
  • Ensure you build partnerships with Business Service owners and all IT staff to drive continuous improvements for the production systems scalability and stability.
  • Devise: accountable to provide vision, guidance and direction in the development of general plans, budgets and strategies; assess the effectiveness of performance of programs; allocate resources appropriately and evaluate results; ensure proper coordination with related businesses.
  • Manage work with project management and development teams across projects to coordinate and plan product deployment, manage conflicts and dependencies.
  • Manage work with your organizational management team to establish suitable processes to support administrative, development, and change management activities.
  • Guide: work strategically with management to deliver forecasts, identify trending opportunities/challenges, and provide recommended solutions.
  • Manage: effective bi and analytic skills are critical to organization growth as you move forward with your next gen performance optimization deployment.
  • Organize: leverage salesforce to become a trusted internal consultant for all business units and leadership to ensure that desired business results are achieved in a quality manner.
  • Collaborate with regional support team roles and field leaders to make sure appropriate follow up is completed by financial professionals, and leadership team members.
  • Lead: proactively identify and implement operational improvements, enhancements, and system customizations to address evolving business needs.


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