Outsourcing is defined as a company that gives information to get a service and determine the source. It is basically referred to how the thing is done and not what is being done. Outsourcing service level agreements for example in the IT industry describes on how the services of information technology are obtained rather than describing what each of the services are.

Outsourcing in SLA is a contract through which a company acquires services from another company while the ownership and the responsibility for the processes still remain in the company where the services are acquired. The customers usually inform the provider anything that they want and how they like the work to be performed so that the customer can allow the provider to manage and also to redesign some of the processes involved to make sure that efficiency and cost benefits are attained.

Service level agreements in information systems departments have acquired the plan of creating service level agreements in order for the customer services to be measured, warranted, and be compared with other outsourcing network providers. The agreement of the company that provides the services to another company can also be provided domestically. Outsourcing of SLA is a development that is commonly used in the business of information technology and other trades that have been thought of as essential in managing a business. In most cases, the complete company’s information management is contracted out with the business analysis, repairing of the workstations of the network, and the management.

Outsourcing service level agreement can vary from large contracts with big companies to businesses that offer hiring of contractors and workers for personal basis.


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