Collaborative Picture Archiving & Communication System (PACS) Project
SISU Medical Systems
July 17, 2006

Acronyms & Definitions
PACS -Picture Archiving Communication System. Defined as a system that enables the capturing, storage and retrieval of digital images.
SAN -Storage Area Network. Defined as a high-speed sub-network of shared storage devices.
HCIS -Health Care Information System.
RIS -Radiology Information System
Overview of SISU
Non-profit information technology consortium for hospitals & clinics.
Currently 14 members throughout Minnesota.
Shared technology and I.T. staff.
SISU is NOT a vendor!
Typical Rural Radiology Environment
The patient’ s perspective:
May have to wait for a radiologist consult while image is couriered to the radiologist.
In general, is at the mercy of delays related to the physical media being shuttled between multiple locations.
Patient may be transferred as an end result.
Typical Rural Radiology Environment
From the radiologist’ s perspective:
Delay in reading films in emergency situations.
Difficulty in meeting customer expectations.
Typical Rural Radiology Environment
From the hospital / clinic perspective:
Stuck in the middle between the patient and the radiologist.
Images not always where they are needed, when they are needed resulting in inefficiencies.
Costs associated with film, storage, courier services, etc.
Every healthcare organization could build its own PACS solution, but
they would miss the opportunity to share the risks and costs associated with maintaining common elements of a PACS environment.
they would need to build their own methodology for connecting the radiologist to their site.
the radiologist would likely have multiple means of accessing multiple locations and need to learn multiple PACS environments.
the radiologists would likely miss the opportunity to share resources such as on-call duty with other radiologists.

Shared PACS Network – Current Status
Seven hospitals have already purchased jointly from our selected vendor: Grand Rapids, Crosby, Aitkin, Ely, Bigfork, Deer River, Detroit Lakes.
Five hospitals are in the process of installing computed radiography in preparation for PACS. This project was assisted by a joint state grant. These hospitals include Grand Marais, Cook, Cloquet, Moose Lake, and Mora.
Integrating our healthcare information system with the PACS for five of our facilities. This interface will:
Pass ADT information to the PACS.
Pass radiology order information to and from the PACS.
Allow the users to call up an image from within our enterprise medical record system.
Pass transcription to the PACS.
Shared PACS Network -The Future
Four additional hospitals are evaluating and preparing to purchase PACS technology – Cook, Cloquet, Mora, Hastings, Hutchinson and Moose Lake.
Likely begin the integration between our healthcare information system and the PACS for the remainder of the hospitals.
Continue enabling access to HCIS / PACS environment by remote radiologists & physicians.
Advantages of Working Collaboratively
Negotiated pricing with our PACS vendor.
Shared hardware costs.
Reduced maintenance costs.
Reduced interface costs through standardization.
Data resides in at least two locations at all times allowing member sites to go film-less.
Reduced pricing on computed radiography (CR).
Ability to contract jointly for radiology services.
Examples of Shared Expenses
Centralized Long-term Archive:
Potential savings in like modality interfaces.
Savings in like HCIS vendor interfaces.
Shared information technology staffing for archive and network maintenance.
Shared internet / VPN access expenses.
Reduced on-going training expenses through shared vendor training sessions and sharing of expertise with other members.

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