The virtualization technology has resulted in more forms of virtualization of computer resources and computer storage devices. The storage area network or SAN virtualization has the full potential of a storage asset. The plumbing function that SAN virtualization does provides order in the problem of scarcity of disk space.

The SAN virtualization is said to be accurately architected, hence it provides its users great number of benefits when it comes to allocating storage resources.

In determining the success and viability of what virtualization approach, which is what SAN virtualization performs it is equally important to know some selection criteria when deciding what virtualized SAN must be chosen.

What are these criteria that virtualization approach must have to attain advanced storage services and management?

First is the extent of independence that virtualization products offer from the host’s file system and operating system. Second, the storage hardware must have the maximum and wide coverage support. Third, legacy storage assets should have the ability of investment protection. Fourth, the security policy must share virtual resources to prevent uninvited guests to be included in the system. The fifth one: planned and unplanned downtime should be minimized efficiently. Sixth, there should be extensive consolidation of devices to achieve centralized management view. And finally, enhanced performance and functionality should be given at acceptable cost so that the ability to control commodity hardware and storage devices is achieved since the SAN virtualization is still very unfamiliar to some large enterprises.

SANS virtualization has indeed the potential of completely allocating physical storage from logical storage.

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