Be accountable for reviewing purchase ledger and managing payment runs whilst ensuring your organization cash flows are sufficient to meet the business needs.

  • Develop plans to successfully implement operational policies and achieves business plan.
  • Facilitate onboarding of new clients by completing vendor forms/entering information in vendor portals as appropriate.
  • Manage work with engineering teams to understand procurement needs and develop material forecasts.
  • Establish: partner with business stakeholders to design and implement an end to end, robust supply chain strategy and program.
  • Be proactive, and be able to prioritize and manage your own workload in order to meet deadlines.
  • Manage: finance management to oversee finance, accounting and human resources.
  • Be accountable for operational/financial metrics and overall business results of practice.
  • Identify: you are open to interim consulting (Temp, Temp to Hire).
  • Communicate with key people at the respective acquisition targets to systematically make a fluid transition of the data.
  • Devise: job index product specialization acquisition integration team.
  • Support purchasing and product management in vendor selection which support managed categories.
  • Make sure that your strategy complies; collections follow up with accounts on payments identifying reasons for delayed payment processing.
  • Develop trusted relationship with customers.
  • Be accountable for carrying out regular exports of sales and purchase invoices from production ERP to accounting system ensuring accuracy of data.
  • Organize: product specialization acquisition integration team.
  • Steer: ERP or similar product, technology or industry expertise.


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