Help project team with analyzing system development opportunities by gathering data, reviewing organization operations, evaluating alternative methods and preparing time estimates according to project guidelines.

More Uses of the SAP NetWeaver Process Integration Toolkit:

  • Develop: user administration / system authorization.
  • Oversee: software engineering SAP integration.
  • Control: successful technology transformations must consider the human side of change.
  • Devise: risk management fighting technological risk with enterprise technology.
  • Devise: deployment of SAP support packages as a process of SAP release strategy.
  • Supervise: functional specification, technical specification, unit test cases and integration test cases.
  • Evaluate: accurately estimate development time and coordinate/develop work and project plans.
  • Ensure your organization complies; directs project resources and/or recommends and creates internal development procedures and methodologies.
  • Establish that your group complies; address business opportunities through the best combination of SAP applications and other software production and development techniques.
  • Manage your talent community to stay connected and engaged with the Brand.
  • Standardize: what it takes to manage the under armour team.
  • Prepare proof of concept for new functional requirement and demonstrate to business teams.
  • Manage work with project leader to keep projects on schedule and recommend needed action to meet deadlines.
  • Initiate: SAP buffer, memory management, performance tuning and troubleshooting.
  • Identify: analytical and communication skills.
  • Audit: an appreciation for the integration of the SAP system as far as the linkages of processes, functionality, and objects.
  • Formulate: work to complete all projects on time and on schedule.


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