SAP project management is a big challenge for any organization.  A 100% completely
successful, stress-free implementation is like a dream for every project manager.  The
technology transfers involved in SAP will demand a lot from employees who have gotten
used to the “old” system.  A good SAP project management will not really require a lot of
technology savvy manager, all the basic procedures of project management can be
applied in SAP project management.

Of course preparation is still the key to every project’s success.  SAP project
management requires everyone to be prepared with a lot of brainstorming on what the
project will entail.  Having a clear business goal and communicating this goal to all
employees is a sure-fire way to make employees understand the benefits of the new

And speaking of communication, SAP project management also requires a good
communication line from the project manager, to the stakeholders, to the employees, and
to everyone else directly or indirectly involved in the project.  This ensures that a good
collaboration of ideas and system design is always at hand.  Trainings, seminars, demos,
and workshops are all part of the SAP project management.

Another benefit of good communication is that the role of every individual will be clear
and measurable.  Deliverables are sure to be handled by the right persons and
accountability is clearly defined and there are less chances of everyone pointing a finger
at one another for system glitches.

Every SAP project, as with any IT project, will surely have its own share of risks because
most of the technology used has not been tested to its full capacity.  Therefore, a good
SAP project management plan should always have a good deal of contingencies for
technological problems.

Hyping things up never hurts in SAP project management.  Always keep a positive
outlook and show it to everyone so that they are always motivated and excited for the
change.  And don’t forget to document everything for future reference.  By everything we
mean from it’s inception to completion.


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