oriented architecture (SOA) that is based on the SAP platform is often referred
to as SAP SOA. SAP is an enterprise resource planning (ERP) system and stands
for systems, applications, and products. SAP is probably the most commonly
utilized ERP system that helps in increasing efficiency and reducing
operational costs. SAP SOA is an addition to the existing ERP system, and is
best suited for businesses that depend heavily on IT systems and technologies.
Although SAP was devised many years back, SAP SOA is a relatively new element.
However, due to the development of newer technologies and systems, SAP SOA has
become an integral part of the overall SAP framework in business organizations.


implementing SAP SOA, businesses can classify systems and processes into
dependent and independent systems. Based on this classification, the
implementation team can then prepare a report that will help in devising the
appropriate informational systems or framework. Such a framework covers all
aspects of the business such as production, raw materials, finished goods,
operational costs, work force assessments, and even the level of customer
satisfaction. The implementation stage may be costly, but when we consider the
potential benefits that can be derived from the SAP SOA implementations, the
costs seem more like a necessity rather than an unnecessary expenditure. The
future belongs to SAP SOA and businesses that want to maintain competencies
should embrace it as soon as possible.


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