Execute it audit procedures based on risk and impact to the business, across different applications, technologies and business processes, and in collaboration with internal and external partners and monitor completion of planned actions.

More Uses of the Sarbanes-Oxley Toolkit:

  • Confirm your organization ensures that production technicians and outsourced labor are properly instructed in the care and safe operation of equipment and monitors employee use of equipment.
  • Drive an entitlement management and review program across Payment Card Industry (PCI DSS), Sarbanes Oxley (SOX), and other critical business applications.
  • Provide necessary training on the various Inventory management process and procedures to all warehouse employees in order to continue to enhance the bench strength.
  • Lead inter shift briefings, reviewing the shift log, and shift pass downs; reviewing Simulator Logs, and maintaining email communication.
  • Identify: actively lead customer engagement and relationship management plans to ensure internal and external customers have the best interaction possible.
  • Confirm your organization prepares periodic fluctuation variance analysis report on changes in the capital budgets for Operations groups and perform necessary budget substitutions.
  • Ensure your organization implements, maintain and owns internal operating procedures and controls that contribute to the optimal utilization of organization resources while safeguarding its assets.
  • Analyze physical inventory results and determine most appropriate action plan to mitigate risk and improve overall quarter end Inventory process and performance.
  • Drive inventory management process and procedure throughout branch location to ensure proper inventory movement, minimize shrinkage and bad debt exposure.
  • Be accountable for ensuring department processes are properly documented and followed, and ensuring policies and procedures are in compliance with regulatory and internal requirements.
  • Secure your organization partners with finance systems team members, information technology teams and project management specialists to develop, test and deliver finance system applications.
  • Confirm your organization partners with the process owners to develop remediation plans to address internal control deficiencies and failures arising from the testing process.
  • Provide necessary training on the various Inventory management process and procedures to all branch warehouse managers and personnel in order to continue to enhance the bench strength.
  • Drive financial performance improvement initiatives throughout business cost reduction, asset management, capital efficiency, productivity, price management etc.
  • Confirm your organization adheres to the facilitys quality, environmental, health and safety policies that are identified by the Quality, Environmental Health and Safety Management systems.
  • Standardize: position purpose drive inventory management process and procedure throughout security fulfillment vertical to ensure proper inventory movement and mitigate material shrinkage.
  • Confirm your organization ensures all security related Incidents are reported to plant management and corporate security; develops recommendations to address incidents, and presents findings.
  • Confirm your organization individuals plan, schedule, communicate, and coordinate the annual budgeting process, the monthly re forecasts, and month end close for it, and ensure that all transactions are in compliance with Sarbanes Oxley.
  • Manage work with managers to achieve compliance with organizational policies, providing clarifying information and recommending necessary changes.
  • Drive: monitor and enforce adherence to established corporate policies and procedures relating to all areas of responsibility and ensures all service level agreements are met.
  • Operate organization equipment safely in accordance with established policies and ensure that maintenance and care is performed appropriately.
  • Ensure that each branch is executing weekly Cycle Counts to assure accurate inventory levels which ultimately contribute to proper material procurement.
  • Manage: control engineering change activity through proper multi functional collaboration, database management, communication and physical implementation.
  • Direct: proactively identify areas of business initiatives and changes in the business environment and assess impact on the business and the control environment.
  • Manage work with business leaders to ensure technology stack architecture is internally aligned with corporate strategy, innovation programs, product development, customer initiatives, regulatory matters, and other strategic priorities.


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