With the many emerging companies that offer ERP, a company has to be wise in choosing the right ERP that is perfect for what he has in mind. Customized ERP’s are not only expensive but takes a lot of time to formulate before it can be implemented. In the process on implementation, problems may still arise. There are many factors to consider such as the price for one. Is it competitive and are the features right for the price? What about its functionality? Are the features fully utilized?

Any business would not want to waste money on an ERP that can not be fully utilized. Otherwise, it’s like throwing away good money for something that was not important in the first place. Keeping in mind the main idea that an ERP is crucial in the operation of the company and one can either get a huge return of income or incur a big loss, it is therefore very important to evaluate an ERP before purchasing or even before making it fully functional.

Proper and wise evaluation of ERP saves a lot of time and money for any company. A good ERP system should simplify the daily operations. It should also synchronize with the other functions of other departments. After all, its main goal is to have a common system that works well. The key word is to simplify.

Lastly, borrowing the concept of ERP Genie know the things that you want in an ERP. Discuss it with the vendors, this way you get the value of your money’s worth and you end up with a system that works well with the organization.

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