These include scrum (consisting of self-organizing teams), disciplined agile delivery (a process for team decision making), the scaled agile framework (which aligns multiple teams), devops (practices aimed at reducing software development time), and lean it (which is based on quality and continuous improvement approaches), while agile principles represent a change in thinking, devops seeks to implement actual organizational cultural change, incidentally, as organisations across the world are moving towards agile, many large organisations are moving into enterprise agile where hundreds and thousands of teams work on multiple products and those organisations employ a popular framework called safe (scaled agile framework for enterprise) which uses lean product development (applying lean principles).

Transforming your organization to become agile requires more than just changing the development process; it requires a complete culture shift, scaled agile framework is a large knowledge base of demonstrated principles, competencies and practices, that are assimilated together to help bring about cultural change in organizations, which means the teams will deliver faster, more frequently, on time and on budget, compared to, in more traditional organizational settings, where the buy-in of senior management happens by the display of excellence and innovation at team level.

The agility program is an enterprise agile change program to help organizations develop high-performance teams, deliver amazing products, dramatically improve time to market and quality, and create work environments that are awesome for employees, your adaptation of kanban presents a novel, agile approach to overcoming the unique challenges that other organizations face during disaster recovery, in this case, approaches to coordinating the work of multiple scrum teams in larger organizations include large-scale scrum, scaled agile framework (safe) and scrum of scrums, among others.

Additionally, agile organizations recognize that low engagement has a huge impact on the capability to deliver value and innovation, therefor, strong knowledge of agile process (scrum framework, lean and scaled agile framework) and relevant experience in using agile tools is needed.

Facilitation of the team creation event is usually done by the process, agility coach, performing verification, reproduction, and isolation of software issues or bugs reported by the users, likewise, agile methods encourage frequent inspection and adaptation, it is a leadership philosophy that encourages teamwork, self-organization and accountability, a set of engineering best practices intended to allow for rapid delivery of high-quality software, and a business approach that aligns development with customer needs and company goals.

Each increment allows for multiple iterations of development and delivery of working software, as an example, it advocates adaptive planning, evolutionary development, early delivery, and continual improvement, and it encourages rapid and flexible response to change.

By simplifying processes, you can deliver value in a shorter time period while inspecting and adapting to improve along the way, scrum, the most popular agile methodology is a framework for developing and sustaining complex products, while productively and creatively delivering products of the highest possible value, as a matter of fact, at the commencement of any new concept introduction pertaining to a product or a service, a lot of ambiguity accompanies the paths of development.

Big data can be used to optimize the existing data warehouse, or act as a sand box environment to allow business users to test a theory before asking the data warehouse team to develop it.