The author of material found at this website allows members of the public to use everything free of charge. The material is meant to help examinees pass the Sun Certified Java Programmers (SCJP) exam.

The tutorial material on this website was deliberately designed by the author so examinees can download then print out the content for their personal use. He only requests that those who wish to make use of the content for other purposes contact him first to ask permission.

Section 1 of the content is concerned with Declarations and Access Control.

Section 2 is devoted to Flow Control and Exception Handling.

Section 3 is about Garbage Collection.

Section 4 refers to Language Fundamentals.

Section 5 talks about Operators and Assignments.

Look to Section 6 for content about Overloading, Overriding, Runtime Type and Object Orientation.

Section 7 discusses Threads.

Section 8 is about the java.lang package while Section 9 is about the java.util package.

The three remaining sections are supposed to be used only by examinees who are interested in the JDK1.2 Certification Exam: Writing listener code; the Java.awt package  layout; and the package.

The author provides answers to Frequently Asked Questions at this link:

The author says he used feedback from hundreds of users to create this version of his content. He is only presenting his content in these web pages, rather than pursue publication in hard copies or other publishing formats. This tutorial he created does have its limitations in that it strictly adheres only to the SCJP exam objectives. Fortunately, the author also provides links to other technical books that potential examinees may also use.

Passing the certification to be a Sun Certified Java Programmer SCJP is a tough process. Today, having the ability to operate and manage the system is not enough. You need a certification to prove that you can. That is why most of the companies especially in IT business require their new hires to have the necessary documents and credentials. They need it to guarantee the expertise of each personnel, and that they certainly have what it takes to accomplish the job excellently. In this way, it will help the company save time and money because errors and delays are prevented from happening.

To get a certification in Java programming, you need to get trained and study the Sun Certified Java Programmer course. This training can be achieved by simply availing SCJP 1.4 mock exams and study guides. These mock exams are useful tools that can provide you great help in giving you the right answers to possible questions that will come out in SCJP 1.4 examination. Aside from that this will give you confidence in answering the real SCJP 1.4 test.

Mock exams are proven to be a great tool to prepare students and IT professionals in this examination. All you have you to do is search for the right mock exams in the internet. Just be sure that you download the latest version of SCJP 1.4 mock exams and not the old versions. So if you want to be successful in taking your Java programming skills to a higher level, go take the certification test and use SCJP 1.4 mock exams to help you.

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