If you want to be certified on any program, may it be Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP) or Sun Certified Professional (SCP), you have to undergo comprehensive training and exposure. Perhaps, a part of this can be attributed to hands on experience by working on any program that you would like to be an expert on. But then again, theories and application go hand in hand. Before applying something, you have to learn the basic procedures and processes. Therefore, signing up to courses and training programs will help widen your knowledge and hone the skillsets that you need to pass any exam that you want to take with flying colors. Reading books will also bridge any gap that you may find confusing in training. Should you wish to become a Sun Certified Java Professional (SCJP), then check out the books of Khalid A. Mughal and you will never regret it.

Though there are a lot of books and references nowadays that will prepare you in your SCJP 5 exam, Khalid A. Mughal, a programming, software engineering and databases professor at the University of Bergen, Norway, is the name that you should look for. His books are known to be the most comprehensive, one of which is entitled A Programmer’s Guide to Java Certification, wherein he shares credit with Rolf W. Rasmussen, a software programmer. This book has the widest coverage as far as Java programming is concerned. Each topic is explained in detail with corresponding examples, making it easier to understand for aspiring SCJP candidates. So what are you waiting for? Check this book out at the nearest bookstore or order online.

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