Is SCJP or Sun Certified Java Programmer certification meaningful? The effort, time, money and worrying you put into preparing for and taking the SCJP exam can be too much to handle for some people who are thinking of getting an SCJP certification. The value of being certified may be more than what your expectations would be. Though the main reason of some people for pursuing SCJP certification is to get a decent job or make a decent living, the results of certification may leave some people disappointed.

It is not always an impressive future that awaits a programmer who attains a high score in the exam, but performs negatively in real programming activities. Thus, a combination of great work experience and a certification to prove your skill level will make you stand out from a competitive programming manpower pool. Though a certificate does not mean you could get a job 100% of the time, it might get you a better job anyway. Certification is also a dependable support factor when it comes to negotiating for a better salary, promoting your services, and increasing job security.

When studying for SCJP, another advantage crops up. It is a very good way for in-depth learning of the Java language. Actual Java language use differs from your everyday working experience in the world of programming. After the SCJP exam, you might find yourself more exposed in understanding details of how the Java language works and may result in improved programming skills.

Your purpose for taking the exam can help you predict the outcome. Prepare, attend to details, and maintain a positive attitude  these are all essential to pass the SCJP exam.

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