The Sun Certified Java Programmer SCJP is one of the most sought after certification today.  Individuals holding an SCJP certificate definitely have the advantage of an excellent IT career growth.  Many SCJP practice exams, mock exams, ebooks and programs are now being rapidshared because they can be very hard to find and some certification preparation kits are very expensive.  For cash-strapped individuals, finding an SCJP rapidshared over the net is indeed a goldmine.

Rapidshare claims to be the biggest and fastest web hosters on the world today because of its free and premium services. SCJP rapidshared over the net can contain various exam materials but can also contain brandumbs which are almost always illegal in nature. 

Membership in rapidshare is free.  Individuals only have to register once and login in order to avail of its basic services.  The only limitation of regular is that they can only download a certain number of megabytes per hour before they are blocked from further downloads and SCJP rapidshared files.  Premium account holders, however, have the advantage of unlimited downloads and faster speeds.

With each SCJP rapidshared and uploaded online by a member, points are given to the uploader which, when a certain number is met, can be exchanged for a premium account. This is called premium-points.  The basic rule for premium points is that you can only earn the points if a free user downloads your files that are bigger than 1 mb and the user has had less than 5 points in the last hour. 

So if you are looking for SCJP rapidshared online, you really dont have to look very far. Just do a quick search and youll soon be downloading.

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