The certification process that Microsoft is requiring on every module or program that it offers is geared towards effectively measuring the ability of the candidate or learner in order to check also the efficiency of the designed curriculum for the module.  In addition, the certification which involves examining the capacity and skills of the learner is to set standards in implementing the modular guidelines set for the Microsoft programs.  

One of the categories in the examination that is encompassing major aspect of the Microsoft program is the MCITP Exam 70.  This section has two sets of sections both of which are concentrated in testing the database and server skills of the learner.  Below are the specific details that are included on the Exam 70 of the MCITP:

a.    Creating a design infrastructure for a database.  This portion of the first section basically creates an analysis on the requirements of the storage, the network, the central processing unit, memory modules and lastly, the existing configuration.  
b.    Creating a design structure for the database security.  This involves knowing the requirements of the business and the regulating conditions that it has; creating a better plan when decisions are greatly impacting the choices that you have;  determine the cost and the potential revenue that may be gathered after; create a recommendation on security based on given scenarios.  
c.    Create a database physically. This section of the examination is knowing and ensuring that the database is at a normal level; and when denormalized, there should be an available performance process.

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