Attaining the highest ranking position through search engine optimization or SEO can be the laurel of every marketer. When correct optimization is executed, you will make your website searchable, visible and you will eventually increase your sales and your lead generation.

However, the fact that search engine optimization can be the greatest companion of online marketers and other corporate websites it should still be properly monitored so that it can continue to serve its purpose. So, here are the things you have to consider to make SEO the most powerful tool you can utilize:
1.    Highlight and Fulfill Keyword Research
This can be done by identifying the keyword phrases that your website will target. To make this possible, you can use word tracker software and other available tools so you will determine which keywords are the most searched and are always used by the users.
Also, the keyword research can increase the usability of your website because you can speak to your visitors by using the same language.
2.    The required minimum 200 words per page
The content tells a lot of things to the users, apart from the keyword density it contains. Technically speaking, search engine tools and optimization may find it hard to provide results with a page that contains less than 200 words. If the page contains less than 200 words, then the website will undoubtedly get lower search engine ranking. The content and the required number of words may also be helpful in the usability of the web page.
3.    The maximum 100kb HTML size
The HTML size should be at least 100kb because a web page that contains more than the said measurement would mean penalizing the results of the search engine. Hence, as much possible everything should be user-friendly in terms of download time.
Other details that may be helpful in SEO are: the CSS used for layout, meaningful and comprehensive page title, the relevance of the headings and subheadings that are used, the teaser or the opening paragraph, the descriptive link text, and other minor technical details.

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