Search Engine Optimization (SEO) specialist is the one responsible to place web pages on high ranks. So, he is the best person to approach to by people who are interested to improve the Search Engine Results Placements (SERPs) of their web pages in a quick and easy way. In essence, SEO specialist is the right person to reveal the power and secret of SEO as well.

As what can be expected, SEO specialist works by focusing on proven strategies to vitally increase the organic search results of one’s website. The concepts of these strategies may appear simple, but they require expertise, persistence, technical know-how, and experience. Some of the techniques revealed by SEO specialist concerning to the SEO techniques will be discussed on the following contexts. These techniques can serve as guides for people to increase the optimization of their web page.

First technique is to optimize for a keyword phrase and not for a single keyword alone. Optimizing for a single keyword can result to minimal chances for a web page to come out on a higher rank because one keyword can be highly competitive. Using a keyword phrase on the other hand can result to greater chances for a web page to reach a higher rank on the entire leading search engines.

Second technique is to place the keyword phrase in the first 25 texts or words and the last 25 text or words on the web page. SEO specialist says that proximity on the beginning and the last are very much essential to place a web page on high rank. Lastly, SEO specialist recommends placing the keyword phrase all throughout the page. However, this technique is applied differently by each of SEO specialist.

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