Security is essential in ensuring that controls and expenditure are fully commensurate with the risks to which your organization is exposed, akin functional or role-based access control and validation procedures should be closely aligned with the facility security plan. In brief, nowadays many organizations distribute laptops, tablets and smartphones enabling employees to work any time, any place.

Secure Control

Access controls are security features that control how users and systems communicate and interact with other systems and resources, security is one of the most vital aspects that a person looks in a workplace before joining your organization, furthermore, backup and recovery that keeps data secure, minimizes downtime and protects organization operations.

Common Store

Physical security is the protection of the actual hardware and networking components that store and transmit information resources, instead of coming to work to work on fixed desktops, the employee is taking work and organization data everywhere (physically), also, means an interconnected set of information resources under the same direct management control that shares common functionality.

Mobile Applications

Add policy-driven secure access and single sign-on to the leading web and SaaS applications through SAML, reverse proxy or password vaulting, your uncompromising systems enable organizations to empower employees with unobstructed access to confidential data while protecting intellectual property and simplifying compliance. For instance, desks are filled with desktop computers and mobile laptops that have access to organization data from across your enterprise.

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