Support application integrations issues to Business Unit application towers, working closely with development groups, business liaison teams, operations staff, Security Groups and server administration groups on all activities related to application integrations and system enhancements.

More Uses of the Security Groups Toolkit:

  • Manage and maintain Security Groups and distribution lists.
  • Know your VPC, network and Security Groups.
  • Be accountable for troubleshooting active directory, Security Groups, VoIP, VDI sessions, etc.
  • Ensure you propel; understand cloud security for access identify management to Security Groups.
  • Be accountable for networking knowledge (encryption, Security Groups, traffic routing, etc).
  • Ensure your organization provides email administration for users, distribution groups, and Security Groups.
  • Head: cleanup empty Security Groups.
  • Be accountable for designing, assessing, and implementing Security Groups.
  • Manage work with auditors and Security Groups to ensure adherence to governance, regulations, and compliance with policies and procedures.
  • Create and maintain Security Groups in Azure AD.
  • Create, modify and manage user/computer accounts, policies, Security Groups, sites, and services in Active Directory.
  • Solidify in depth understanding on network Security Groups, storage accounts and storage explorer and Azure architecture.
  • Create/manage storage Security Groups.
  • Drive: Security Groups standards and policies.
  • Ensure you support; understand cloud security from Access Identity Management to Security Groups.
  • Confirm your business provides user provisioning via active directory, Windows accounts, Security Groups, file shares, application groups, etc.
  • Create, manage and maintain Security Groups.
  • Modify Security Groups, set permissions, and create shared and personal user folders.
  • Coordinate: plan, design, implement and support solutions for office 365 user licensing assignment solution using ad and Azure Security Groups.
  • Manage work with project managers on the configuration of the plan of service and Security Groups to meet the needs of each project on behalf of your organization.
  • Administer, issue, and maintain user accounts, distribution/Security Groups, and passwords.


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