Where SIEM tools will make sense of the data brought in from firewalls, network apps, and intrusion detection systems, SIEM tools wont take the next step to automate processes and validate threats.


Security automation and orchestration platform can help maximise the benefits from existing and new IT security investments and human resources. Cyber threat is the biggest problem many businesses and organizations come across. Analysts benefit significantly from the automation of repeatable, predictable tasks. Manual processes limit incident response efficiency and effectiveness, driving the need for incident response automation and orchestration.


Eighty to ninety percent of most security operations tasks can be automated to some extent, and the data that disparate tools create can be distilled into a single pane of information. Instead, data is dealt with by automation and your security protocols follow suit. When an incident occurs, automated tools can collect data about security threats from multiple sources without human assistance.


Being able to simplify your security operations means being able to prioritize alerts, improve staff efficiencies and decrease response times. The anonymized customer data clearly shows the added value in security and knowledge that already comes with the collection and analysis of all networked systems and protocols.


With a better understanding of the threat atmosphere, systems can begin to automate and orchestrate workflows around detection and remediation. The resulting efficiency gains allow security teams to handle vastly more tasks while. Incident response orchestration and automation is a cybersecurity solution designed to collect data about security threats and automatically send alerts to multiple sources.


Increased threat awareness helps your organization plan, manage, track and coordinate the response to a security incident.


Security orchestration helps organizations consolidate their disparate security tools and to automate alert triage, investigation, and incident response. Security orchestration refers to the integration of a variety of security systems, to streamline security processes and implement effective security automation. To meet these challenges, some security teams are aiming to effectively operationalize threat intelligence through the fundamentals of people, processes, and technology.

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