You have worked hard to prepare for the MCP examination and passed it.  It is your tool to gain success in your career and it is your pride to obtain that certification. It is your credentials and expertise that are at hand and no one other than you should enjoy the benefits.  In today’s spamming and theft identification, credentials should be protected and secured, as it can be used against you.

In as much as your being certified MCP allows you to be networking with other members and you feel that it would help your career grow, providing your details becomes a necessity.  Microsoft has handled its MCP member site secured so that only members can have the access.  They have provided guidelines for first time log on users as well as troubleshooting tips as one member logs on to the website.

The MCP member website is so secured that one is required to required to be a registered Windows ID user.  You are able to migrate to the MCP member website by associating your MCP Certification ID with your Windows Live ID.  It is part of authentication technology.  An access code is given that is only good for seven days to activate and this code gets expired after. This code is sent to your Windows Live ID email address. Each time professional logs on to the MCP member site, the MCP ID and access code are required.

Microsoft makes each MCP certified feel important by placing security to its member’s is one.

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