Anyone who intends to take the Sun Certified Java Programmer exam should get hold of SCJP training guide that will provide learners a fast paced essential features of Java programming.  It provides learners a do-it-yourself sample test questions that will enable learners who wish to take the SCJP exam to improve their chances of passing the exam and be certified.

SCJP training guide are presented by objectives and focus attention on topics like  public-, protected-, and private-access rules.  Other than providing the basics of java programming, details of class design and string processing should be included in the SCJP training guide.  Discussion of the exception handling and garbage collection in Java are added in the features. 

Training guide for the SCJP includes the tricks and tips of what should be covered in the test.  It consists of questions for learners to answer and measure how well they know of java programming and is used to test their knowledge. Answers and explanations to the questions are provided. Some of the topics that covers a SCJP training guide other than discuss above are: 1.  Test-preparation guide to the Sun Certified Programmer
      for Java 2 exam 310-025 2.  The format of the certification test 3.  Java language basics 4.  Data types, arrays, and strings 5.  Declarations and access control 6.  Operators 7.  Equality testing 8.  Flow control Exception handling (try, catch,
     and finally blocks) 9.  Checked and unchecked exceptions 10.Java garbage collection

Take a self assessment and use the SCJP training guide as a tool.

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