Search Engines are the “police dogs” that watch over how a website is doing well or bad in terms of how potential visitors and fellow websites see the whole package that it has  — content, relevance, clicks, hyperlinks and all. Every page of the website is being judged and apparently being indexed by the search engine as a potential landing page.  This is the reason why a landing page and a website should be optimized at all cost.

The purpose that drives the search engine optimization is to make sure that there are only a few landing pages that are left when the indexing is done and finished. This is the reason why websites are making sure in every way that they can that it gets optimized so that the landing page they have will pave way for higher potential conversion rates.  

Search engines are particularly after keywords or key searches as others call them that are relevantly incorporated on a website.  These keywords are the potential clients’ way of searching and locating for a possible site.  If a website is strategically optimized that means that the website is the one that gets the highest spot on the web search results.  This leaves an impression to generally of readers that the website that ranked first on the search results has the most relevant, most trusted, and the one that is recommendable based on content, pertinence, and trust.  Search Engine Optimization when not taken seriously can indeed make or break a landing page’s impact to the potential clients.  

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