Conduct performance tuning, problem resolution, Server Security administration, capacity planning, policy administration, change management, disaster recovery, and systems analysis.

More Uses of the Server Security Toolkit:

  • Confirm your organization implements and enforces policies, procedures, and technologies to ensure data and Server Security.
  • Analyze security logs and investigate network and Server Security violations and intrusions.
  • Develop: research, install, and test all windows Server Security patches.
  • Manage: security policies must address physical security, network and Server Security, and logical data security.
  • Confirm you list; recommend and develop policies, procedures, and technologies to ensure Server Security.
  • Govern: client and Server Security technologies.
  • Guide: enterprise endpoint and Server Security.
  • Confirm your organization ensures Server Security and performance.
  • Analyze and monitor Server Security and implement patches and fixes to address potential security holes.
  • Evaluate: work closely with Cybersecurity team to ensure appropriate patch management and Server Security.


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