A Service Asset is any resource or capability used in the provision of services. Organizations use them to create value in the form of goods and services for customers.

Resources Capabilities
Input to a process is consumed and manipulated to produce an output. Used to coordinate, control and deploy resources.
Easy to acquire, can typically purchase or procure. Experience-driven, information-based, needs to develop and mature over time.
Tangible, often a physical product. Intangible, often made up of behaviors and experience that has developed over time.

IT Infrastructure, people or money


Teams, processes, behaviors, knowledge.

So while it is relatively easy for an organization to increase the capacity of its infrastructure, it is far more difficult and complex to improve the organization’s capabilities for managing capacity and performance in a cost-effective manner. Service Strategy should seek to optimize the use and implementation of Service Assets, according to the needs and objectives of the business.

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