Service Counts in SOA Enterprise Architecture

In enterprise architecture, there exists another aspect of the entire system which is called service oriented architecture or SOA. This is a style of computer systems architecture that is used to create different types of business processes. Usually packaged as services in enterprise architecture, their lifecycle can run for pretty impressive lengths of time. This service-oriented architecture also provides a definition as well as a provision for the information technology infrastructure in order to allow the different applications to trade data as well as participate in the business processes themselves. Such functions may also be loosely coupled with the operating systems and the programming languages that underlie the said applications.

In the world of enterprise architecture, service oriented architecture separates the different functions into quite distinct units of services which is then distributed over a large expanse of a network and can also be combines and reused in order to create different types of business applications. These services then communicate with one another in a manner of passing the data from one type of service to another or by synchronizing an activity that can be found between two services or more. The concepts of service-oriented architecture are also often seen as being built upon each other, continually evolving from the older kind of concepts of modular programming and distributed computing. The benefit of service oriented architecture? Many enterprise architects firmly believe that service oriented architecture can help different types of businesses respond a lot faster and in a cost-effective manner to the ever-changing market conditions.

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