Service Level Management Considerations
* SLR – detailed requirements that constitute the design criteria to be met e.g. secure, clear uninterrupted voice, real time video, accessible for novice users etc.
* SLA structure – decision made to develop multi-level structure (based on decision of service level package used, as well as offering greater security and accessibility to various departments/users).

Service Catalog Management Considerations
* Business Service Catalogue – will describe HYPE service as business understands it, including levels of service
* Technical Services Catalogue – will clearly list technical and supporting service information, e.g. ISP bandwidth, server requirements etc.

Supplier Management Considerations
* Negotiate UCs with software vendor, ISP, WAN
* Monitor external supplier service – discussions with Availability Management, Service Desk etc.

Capacity Management Considerations
* Application Sizing – assessing what minimum PC requirements needed to support new HYPE software, as well as type of webcam to best provide service, network bandwidth
* Modeling – how many users can videoconference before quality of service is affected – throughput/bandwidth targets? How may this service impact on other services?
* Demand Management – designing to ensure ability to limit bandwidth/video access during peak times for certain users/groups.

Availability Management Considerations
* To ensure availability targets are met, regular maintenance of components required, as well as ensuring through Supplier Management that ISP UC is met (serviceability requirements).

Information Security Management Considerations
* Confidentiality – user passwords design (e.g. HYPE service is not controlled locally – all information is stored on vendor’s servers. If all users use same password as network login, resulting in a clear pattern, then it would be possible for security to be threatened if “someone” hacked into vendor server)
* Integrity – will logs of all conversations/messages/video kept be stored?
* Availability – having those logs available to those who require it, when they require it.

ITSCM Considerations
* The business has decided that this is a BCP, so standby arrangements are negotiated with business ($$)
* Decided that the telephone line and/or email will be possible recovery measures until service is restored – included in ITSCM plan.

The Service Design processes will ensure that HYPE meets the customer needs, can be developed and deployed by Service Transition, then maintained and supported within Service Operation.

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