Service Desk Self help

Many organizations find it beneficial to offer “self help” capabilities to their users. The technology should therefore support this capability, with the web front-end allowing web pages offering a menu-driven range of self help and service requests – with a direct interface into the back-end process-handling software. This reduces the amount of calls into the Service Desk and is often used as a source for improvements to efficiency. An example of this is the ability for a customer to track online the status of their parcels when shipped through a major courier company.

Aside from this, the Service Desk will use many different tools, systems and other technology components in order to provide effective and efficient support to end-user calls and requests. To enable this, typical technology components utilized include:

* Computerized service desk systems
* Voice services (adv. menu systems, voicemail, SMS)
* Web and email (access, notification, updates)
* Systems that contain linkages to SLAs, CMDB
* Access to availability monitoring tools
* Self help for customers using technology.

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