Recently I blogged on about suppliers and ITIL®.  Since then I have received many responses and views on this issue.  It seems that there are very strong views out there on this – so today – I thought I would share some of these views:


Sarah from Michigan has a very clear supplier policy which outlines to prospective supplier that they are to “ have a clear understanding of ITIL® framework” and even outlines expectations to be “available for CAB meetings to provide guidance and advice when require”.



However Andre from the UK does not see ITIL® as a selection criteria for supplier selection.  He believes that “price of supplier is primary over their ability to know ITIL®”.


Some major vendors even commented.  One said that “more and more businesses are asking the ITIL® question, and we  are seeing the benefits of promoting that we are in fact trained in ITIL®”.


There were more responses saying similar.


As you can see – mixed views.  I still stand by there can only be positive outcomes of our suppliers being ITIL®ized and speaking the same language as us.


Till next time Cheers from the ITIL® Australia Team at The Art of Service



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