Service Desk
* Service desk has been trained in HYPE and can support users
* Has access to known errors and workarounds to resolve incidents.

Technical Management
* Designed, built, tested and rolled HYPE out into live environment
* Supports HYPE service.

Application Management
* Made modifications to HYPE application to ensure effectively interfaced with XY app
* Provided training on HYPE to users and Service Desk.

IT Operations Management
* Creates backups of logs, monitors component events.

Event Management
* Sends alerts to IT Ops when HYPE logs backups pass/fail
* Monitors thresholds for triggers on bandwidth (set up in Availability Management).

Request Fulfillment Management
* Users use this process to request copy of logs.

Access Management
* Password reset of HYPE account – provide authorized users access.
Incident Management and Problem Management are not discussed in this example.

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